One Shoulder Dress with Long Sleeve

One Shoulder Dress with Long Sleeve

If you’re looking for a dramatic and different outfit, you simply can’t go wrong with the one shoulder dress with long sleeve. It will provide enough skin, so you will remain comfortable, but still sensual. This type of dress is the perfect mix of sophisticated, edgy and stylish.

If you are wearing the one shoulder dress for the first time, it’s better to start with a solid color. Whether you choose the classic black or a more vibrant color, like magenta or royal blue, just opt for a solid colored dress.

Don’t be afraid of a basic dress because you can still choose stylish details, such as ruffles or beading.

The one shoulder dress with long sleeve is a statement piece so it’s better to keep the rest of the outfit simple. A pair of high-heels and a nice clutch are all that you need.

If you want to wear jewelry, try dangling earrings and a cocktail ring, but never wear a necklace.

Also, never cover up your dress with a blazer, jacket or a kimono. You want to show off your shoulder and that’s why you don’t need to wear extra layers.

If you really need to keep yourself warm, you can opt for a silk scarf so your dress will still be in the center of attention.

Another important item that you need to take in consideration is the underwear. Pick your bra very carefully. The one shoulder dress requires a strapless bra. Never wear a bra with straps because your bare shoulders provide the beauty of this outfit.

The one shoulder dress can be found in various styles. Probably you will need to try a couple of dresses till you will find the right one for your body type.

Sometimes the neckline can fit uncomfortably for you. You can find a lot of options, from the Grecian style, spaghetti strap or the one shoulder dress with long sleeve.

The style with long sleeves is appropriate for formal and elegant events. It will provide a classic and feminine look. Opt for a color that matches with your skin tone and hair color, and also choose high-quality materials.

How do you like to wear your one shoulder dresses? Do you find them to be more elegant or casual?

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