How to wear bodycon dress to work

No matter where you work, your outfits can be a sign or professionalism. When you go to the office you should feel comfortable, but also stylish. If you are not in a business environment, you can opt for casual office outfits.

How to wear bodycon dress to work  – Tips & Tricks

If you want to wear a dress to work keep in mind that this look is more appropriate for warmer weather. No matter how hot is outside, you should still be careful with the right fit and length. A bodycon dress should be extended to the knee, in a midi-length. A short dress will be inappropriate, while a long bodycon dress is too elegant.

Do not wear a bodycon dress with plunging neckline, spaghetti straps or sequins. It’s best to opt for a dress that is simple, feminine and decent. Sleeveless bodycon dresses can be acceptable, especially if it’s summer.

Opt for solid and neutral colors. This means brown, navy, grey or black. If outside is cold you can wear a slip underneath the bodycon dress. Wearing a top is not necessary if you choose to wear the bodycon dress to work, but you can combine it with a blazer or maybe a leather jacket.

Pumps or heels are the ideal footwear with this type of dress. Do not wear high-heels, instead opt for kitten-heels or a pair of classic pumps.

Avoid wearing platforms, stilettos or sandals at work. It is very important to feel comfortable. Wearing high-heels will make you look unprofessional and clumsy. For a stylish effect, you can match your footwear with the handbag.

The bodycon dress is a statement item of clothing so it’s important to wear it in a simple and decent way. Do not choose too many jewelry or accessories.

Opt for tasteful and conservative elements. Avoid wearing big earrings, chunky necklaces and metal bracelets. Also, do not put on your face amounts of make-up. For a feminine look choose to wear natural and simple make-up.

A bodycon dress can look good with a business tote bag if you carry documents. You can also choose a purse, but avoid the large ones.

Now you know how to wear bodycon dress to work. Opt for a simple and stylish dress that you can pair with a blazer, pumps and a business handbag. You will have a professional, yet stylish look.

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