How to wear mini dress with leggings

How to wear mini dress with leggings

No matter if you just want to feel warmer, or you simply want to know how to wear mini dress with leggings, it’s very useful to look for some tips and tricks. What we like so much about this outfit is that it’s modern, casual and fun.

This type of look is already a trend, as lots of ladies wear leggings with skirts, dresses or short pants, instead of wearing tights or hose. When you wear leggings you feel more protected and also you will have a feminine and comfortable outfit.

The first basic rule is to keep it simple. This means it’s best to avoid leggings with patterns and prints that are kind of childish. Also, try to keep in mind that leggings are a modern piece of clothing and mixing them with dresses will give you a more casual vibe.

If you are willing to opt for a short dress, then wearing it with leggings can be a practical thing. But of course, leggings will look stylish even with maxi or midi dresses. No matter what type of dress you want to wear, always choose tight leggings. Loose leggings can look saggy and don’t make a great combination with feminine items of clothing.

For an elegant look, just choose colors like black, gray, brown, olive, navy or cream. You can opt for black classic leggings, but when the short dress and the leggings have the same color, the look will be sophisticated and cohesive. Use statement accessories and jewelry to add personality and interest.

To balance your figure and also for adding volume to the outfit, you can wear this outfit with ankle boots or up to the knee boots. This combination is more for winter and autumn outfits when you want to be both stylish and warm.

It’s very easy to know how to wear mini dress with leggings. This combo looks good on every body figure and the only thing you need to take in consideration: always choose fit leggings. They will look good with any type of dress, especially with the short one!


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